Christmas light - a completely different story

Christmas light - a completely different story

Malin, Tematski park Pavletić

In memory of their namesake Ivan Bonifacije Pavletić, the Pavletić brothers, members of the Arteco association, in cooperation with the Oriovac Tourist Board have prepared an unusual Christmas exhibit and workshop of creating sculptures from grapevines.


A Christmas light, the shooting star which announces the joyful even - the birth of Jesus Christ, was looked upon by both humans and animals.

This biblical event is portaid by the brothers Pavletić by using biblical material such as olive branches and grapevines.


Exhibition viewing time is during the day when you can take part in the workshop where you will create new works of art and during the night when the sculptures will shine the bright glow of thousands of Christmas lights. The Christmas exibit will be open from the 1st of December 2019.